When the Mist Settles

Yosemite is a place that puts me in my place. It reminds me of the smallness of the human race. It

reminds me of where I stand in the scheme of it all. It is humbling, it is sacred and it gives you pause.

I drove up to Yosemite to shoot with Kyle & Kendall and while I was there the weather turned. First a fire ignited and then rain fell almost immediately - then came the mist. I am always inspired to shoot in "bad" weather. Changing elements require you to step out of any normal workflow and adjust around the environment. Certain poses or explosive smiles simply wouldn't "feel" right in the fog unless done in a particular way.

The mist is quiet, the mist is soft, the mist lays on everything and silences it, it holds you close. If you look at the images you'll see Kyle & Kendall being and doing all of those things. <3

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