Blame Sex & the City

There is a scene from Sex & the City in which Carrie Bradshaw asks her ex how married life is treating him and his response reflects what many many wedding photographers can relate to:
"Well, my life is now beige. My whole apartment, my furniture, my clothes - it's all beige."

At the height of the Rustic wedding trend there was a moment in which I remember distinctly thinking - where did the color go?

This wedding gave me all the color I could have ever hoped to see in spades. Between the creative florals, powder blue blazer and glorious garden vibes I was completely saturated in hues that seemed to sing.

Planned by Jennifer Laskey and held at the infamous Garland hotel, the whole wedding was quietly intimate while being visually, elegantly - loud. Here here to the era of color and the end of beige. <3

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